Do Penis Enlargement Pills Really Work?

Many of the people who are writing articles and promoting penis enlargement products easily forget that the average man, who is seeking enhancement advice for his penis, may not have a strong background in the subject. Article writers occasionally forget this fact and tend to present material that seems easy to understand, to just about anyone. This isn’t always the case.

When I was younger I was tutored in Boolean Algebra by a man with PhD’s in physics and mathematics. I had no idea what this guy was talking about because he was so far above my head. He thought I was “stupid” because I couldn’t learn anything from him. The fact was that he was so advanced and educated in these fields, that even though he thought he was “coming down to my level,” his level was so above my level, that I couldn’t comprehend the slightest thing he was talking about.

So, with penis enlargement, I think an important factor is to address the individuals who are just starting to learn about penis enlargement, as well as targeting the more “seasoned” penis enlargement gurus. Therefore, I’ll present an analogy of what it takes to really enlarge your penis. This article is directed at both beginners and experts.

This will be your first penis-enlargement experiment. If you are already on the road to enhancement, that’s okay, you may be able to learn from this example, too.

Get a tall glass of cool water with some ice cubes, a cup of salt, a tablespoon, and a table and chair. Sit at the table and place the glass of water two feet away from the edge of the table. (BTW, do not try this at home unless you have your doctor’s approval).

Take a tablespoon of salt and place it in your mouth. Your salivary glands will go nuts. Liquify the salt with you saliva and then swallow it. You will tempted to drink the water as soon as the salt hits your taste buds. But do not drink any water.

Wait a few minutes and dissolve a second tablespoon of salt in your mouth. Its impact on your taste buds should be much worse now and you will desperately want to wash it down with the glass of water. Do not touch the water. Again, swallow after salivary liquefaction.

Wait a few more minutes after this salt has dissolved and take a third tablespoon of salt into your mouth. By this time you will be extremely desperate to wash it down with the cold water. Do not touch the water. Liquify and digest the salt and wait…

Now, a fourth time. Finally, finish it with a fifth time…

Sit at the table and stare at the glass. At this point in time you will want to taste that water more than anything else in the world.

Your craving and need for that water will dominate your mind. You are thirsty. You want to quench that thirst and relieve your agony.

Wait five more minutes and continue to stare at the water. By this time your body will be screaming at you to drink the water. Your body is likely to be physically trembling. The only thought on your mind is to drink that water and quench your body’s desire to dilute the salt concentration in your body…

Sit tight.

After a few more minutes the urge to grab that glass of water and drink from it will feel like what? It will probably the most intense craving you have ever felt in your life. Your need to drink that water introduces you to the concept of intense desire. There will be nothing in the world that you would exchange for just being able to grab that glass and gulp that fluid down. It will probably be the most desirous and needful situation you have ever experienced. If there were ten naked supermodels in the next room, and you had your choice of being with them or drinking the water, you would choose the water. I promise you.

Your situation will get to the point where it will seem like a life or death scenario for you to drink from that glass. At that point, you will probably cave in, grab that glass, and drink that water like you’ve never had a drink before in your life.

It will also be the most delicious beverage you have ever sampled.

Now, do you want to really enlarge your penis?

If the answer is “yes,” then the moment you feel the need to enlarge your penis, as much as your desire to drink that glass of water was, then nothing will stop you from enlarging your penis.


However, you have to desire it more than anything you can imagine. That’s what the aforementioned example illustrates. It illustrates the need for a man to become serious, obsessed, and diligent in enlarging his penis. Once you feel that, nothing can stand in your way.

That’s the secret of penis enlargement; and it’s also the secret of getting anything else or accomplishing anything else in your life. Anything.

Now, how do you develop such desire? You see, that’s the tricky part. How can you harness this desire to enlarge your penis to such intensity?

Simply make a list of how your life will become more positive and fruitful once you enlarge yourself. Think about these positive aspects and then write them down. Don’t type them on your computer, jot them down. Make them tangible and real. Make them palpable and three-dimensional by using a simple piece of paper and a pen. tornado gel preț

So, then, what are the benefits of enlargement and how will a bigger penis enlarge your life? Start to realize (and imagine and feel) that your self-esteem, self-worth, self-confidence, and self-respect will blossom and grow even more than your penis will. This added sense of increased worth and infinite potential will give you the opportunity to accomplish anything you want in life. Nothing will be beyond your reach.

In other words, Define Your Expected Reward for enlarging yourself. Keep thinking about it and add items to your list every day. Take notice of that sexy girl at the grocery store that you would love to try and talk to but feel a lack of confidence to do so. Utilize any aspect of your experiences of the day to better understand how increasing your inner confidence, through penis enlargement, would have made these daily situations more positive and fruitful, if your penis was larger.

Focus on your list every day and build that desire to enlarge yourself. Once you fully understand that your life will be a thousand times more productive and enjoyable when you enlarge yourself, then start on your penis-enlargement program. Only then. Develop that intense desire and you won’t fail in enlarging yourself.

Never forget the salt and water analogy. That glass was only two feet away from you. This is about the same distance as your head to your penis. By simply drinking that water, which was only two feet away, you would have satisfied your intense desire and desperate need for a drink. By feeling the same way about penis enlargement, you only have to reach down to your penis (which is only two feet away, too) and get to work on enhancing your size. Both the water and your penis are two feet away. Both the water and the penis can be utilized to quench your strongest desires.

Remember that I stated that this glass of water would be the most delicious beverage you have ever tasted? Just wait until you taste the buffet of life that will unfold to you once you’ve accomplished your enhancement goals.

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